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Synthesizing ideas from crazy adventures into philosophy, finance, engineering and psychology…

The Manifesto

My name is Joe. I’m a man on a mission. To help you live. That’s it.

Your self-esteem is what keeps the boat afloat. It’s your self-eSteem Engine. Woah, I impressed myself with that one…

That’s why I am using it as the lynch-pin of this crusade.

I’ve spent the last 5 years exploring. Both on the forefront of technology within the Startup Tech sector as an Electrical and Software Engineer, founding a number of companies AND physically exploring living around the world constantly on the move. The last 2 years I spent on software trying to make access to mental health services more practical for more people.

This is something I care deeply about and want to continue to contribute to as I grow and learn.

What is this?

Diversify Your Self Esteem (DYSE) is a repository of learnings and strategies on optimising your self-esteem. Helping you to create an environment in your life that creates joy and value in your every valuable day. Bringing you on my journey, one I’m already far along in. Read this to see the original rationale that coined the phrase.

As you’ll see in my tenets (below), I will be giving this value with the pure intention to bring value to your life.

I’ve lived in a half a dozen countries – most non-English speaking, worked in a half a dozen of industries, seen insane highs and bottomless lows, met literally thousands of people from every culture under the sun and used my intense attention-to-detail to drag out what makes them tick. I will ask you big questions, if that scares you: Good.

  • What makes a life worth having lived?
  • What makes a life worth telling people about?
  • What makes people want to enter and stay in your life?

But ultimately, I’m not here to sell myself to you – if you read what I have to say and it doesn’t hit home, that’s okay, it just means you aren’t in the moment to resonate with that piece.

I can rewatch certain speeches that have impacted me after a few years and take away something totally different than the first watch. Life context is fundamental to your interpretation.

Like how you watch kids movies and find yourself starting to identify with the motivations of the villain.

Joe, why do you do this? What’s the motivation?

First and foremost: I do it for me.

Writing is true thinking. It’s like Quantum Determination (if interested see also this incredibly fun and nerdy video about String Theory) – you can have many contradicting and conflicting views concurrently, but when you decide to write, you must select only one that gets to survive.

On the page, only the strongest concepts survive.

This brings clarity. Clarity brings decisiveness. Decisiveness brings adventure. Adventure brings experience. Experience is the key to exploring yourself, learning your strengths, weaknesses, stress triggers and your loves.

You can most easily see who and what you are by the reflection of your impact on those around you. E.g. everyone you meet argumentative and angry? You may be the argumentative and angry one.

I have been blessed with a hyper-active mind, it keeps me busy, you’ll often find me deep in a stream of thought with a perplexed expression. With this blessing comes a curse, writing calms the maelstrom. Articulation is my panacea.

With the experience I’ve accumulated so young I can help bring back and share with other youngsters like me. Bringing along for the ride a self-awareness to accept and address my flaws, and a sense of humour to help me weather the storm of life I am taking a snapshot of my thoughts.

Discipline is the truest form of self-love. Loving yourself enough to do what is best for you longterm (creation) over instant gratification (consumption). Publicising my work makes me accountable, accountability drives discipline.

So you’re all a part of my journey in more ways than one.

Secondly and foremost: Every person is a whole world

You should understand about me now, I try to avoid engaging in vapid platitudes. I attempt to mean something with every statement I make.

Every person is the centre of their own social network. That web of relationships defines your impact to the world. Like a company is truly just its employees and its product just the shadow of that network, the world is just the people in it and society is its shadow.

You are the god in your own life, you have autonomy and with that comes responsibility. Your actions can dictate the experiences of those around you. On the spectrum of possible actions, the extremities will be the ones that move the needle for others.

An avalanche is nothing but a whole lot of individual snowballs joining forces. I’m just aiming us in the right direction.

If you get your self-esteem portfolio in alignment with your needs (I’ll help you, don’t worry), it will overflow to those around you. This is embodied in the values of my tenets as well. Follow them and this will come.

When you bring self-esteem to other people they will come to love you. I think we can all do with a bit more love nowadays.

The Framework

Think slow and fast to give your life volume.

Be mindful in your life to bring clarity.

Remember that there is no point in your life that is not now to bring deliberation.

Celebrate the victories to bring perspective.

Be kind and warm to others to bring joy.

Take responsibility to get fulfilment

All of these will be explored in great detail as I write more and more, just take them at face value for now and ponder what they mean to you.

Should you read the content here?

Well that’s up to you. This is a journey with no destination, I believe wholeheartedly that we lack the connection to ourselves required to make a fair assessment of whether we need to better our self-esteem. We’re often our own worst enemies, do you talk with the same amount of discouragement to your friends as you do to yourself?

If you do, you probably don’t have too many friends…

This is about strengthening pillars of your life. It’ll manifest itself in your work, your romantic relationships, your platonic relationships and your relationship with yourself.

I can only share my own journey. I will share personal stories. Anecdotes. Experiences. I’ll keep it humorous and snappy.

All aboard. This self-eSteem Engine is leaving the station.

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