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Diversify Your Self Esteem

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Diversify your self esteem

Do you have broken windows in your life?

What time horizon are you living in?

Deleting Complexity – Pursuing Minimalism

Get it out of your head: Distributed Cognition

Escaping your Fate, or Making the Unconscious Conscious

The Duality of Fear

More Haste, Less Speed

How Can You Achieve Things That Seem Impossible?

Emotional Rollercoaster – Diversify Your Self Esteem 2

Introduction to Love Languages

Do things that scare you every day

Multi-tasking isn’t real, and has a real cost

The Medium is the Message

Setting North Star Goals

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly

Decision fatigue and burning out

Doing it for yourself vs doing it for others

Book a meeting with yourself to do “nothing”

Waiting to be a hero

Why knowing something isn’t enough


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